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 Where can I watch Film Programs?

You can find our currently available film programs, after you have logged in, on our start page under "watch film programs here": 

 I clicked on "Find Films" but cannot watch the films, what am I doing wrong?

Under "Find Films" you can find our film catalogue, which includes descriptions only.

You can not watch individual films, you can only watch them as part of a curated film program.


 Where does the festival take place?

At home! This year we are going online for the first time. The festival program is on our Online Festival Platform: >>

We have one exception though: Our exhibition will take place offline at >> Bildraum07 Vienna.

Bildraum 07 presents Flavia Mazzanti | Sympoietic Bodies & Magdalena Pfeifer | Schnittstelle_Interface.

9 – 25 March

Bildraum 07

Burggasse 7-9, 1070 Vienna

Tuesday – Friday 13-18 pm

>> More Info 

When will the festival take place?

The Festival will take place from 10-14 March 2021. As the programs will be screening for 48 h after the program start, they will programs on Sunday will be available until the 16th of March.

How can I participate?

On our Festival Platform you can get information about our program. If you want to participate or watch something you need to create a free account first.

Where do I find Infos and News regarding the festival?

Besides on our Festival Platform, you can stay tuned by following us on >> Facebook, >> Instagram or >> Twitter.


How can I watch films/events/ How do I sign up?

If you want to watch an event or buy tickets to be able to watch the film programs, you need to >> Sign Up for free first.

How do I sign in or create an account? 

Click on the sign-in button in the upper right corner.

In the registration page fill in your name and email address. 

After registering you will receive an email. Mind you: only a valid email address will work! 

 I did not receive a verification email, what should I do?

Maybe the verification email ended up in your spam, so please check this. If you definitely did not receive a verification email, please contact us (see below).


What can I do without an account?

Without an account you can search for films and programs and select films or programs you want to watch. But for watching any content you will need to create an account.


How much do the tickets cost and where can I buy them?

The rental price to watch a program is 3,90 euro, but you can also buy a festival pass to watch the entire program of the festival or buy a support “We Love You” pass that allows you to watch the whole program and support the festival!

  • 1 Ticket = 1 Credit per program
  • Single Ticket (1 Credit) € 3,90
  • Festival Pass (16 Credits) € 30,-
  • We Love You Pass (16 Credits) € 50,-

You can buy the tickets after you have signed in.

Click on WELCOME or on your account on the top right and then on "my credits".

>> Here you can buy tickets!


Is there a special price for students, cultural institutions etc.? 

No, the pricing is the same for everyone.


How can I pay?

You can pay using instant payment, credit card and PayPal.

Can I buy tickets to give away as a present?

You can only buy tickets for the account that you used to log in. 


How do I use my ticket and how long is it valid?

You can use 1 ticket/credit for 1 program. After choosing a program and pressing play you can enjoy watching it till the end of the availability of the program. 

All programs are available for 48h.


When are the programs available?

All film programs are available for 48 hours after program start. Check out our schedule for the screening times of the programs.

Can I watch films in all countries around the world?

Yes, you can. There are only two exceptions: 

“International Competition 4” can only be watched in Austria.

“My Favorite War” can only be watched in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

All other films and programs are available worldwide.

In what language are the films available?

All films are automatically available with English subtitles, if not in spoken English already.

On what kind of devices can I watch the programs?

You can watch on all devices that are connected to the internet. Go to >> and play the program you bought a ticket for. You can always change devices as long as you log in to your own account.


How many times can I watch a program?

After pressing play for the first time you have till the end of the availability of the program to watch it, so you can start and stop when you please.

How/Where can I vote for the audience award?

You can vote for the films in the program that you bought a ticket for, on the site you are watching the program below.


Help, I can't find the platform/login/films/tickets/info or the player/platform/login/payment/live-stream etc. isn't working. I am scared and confused.

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We are here for you via mail:

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