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Where will the festival take place?

Onsite in Vienna and online. This year’s festival is going to be hybrid: film programs will be shown in the cinema as well as online. The blue icon indicates that a program will be screened online, the yellow icon indicates it will be screened in the cinema or onsite in Vienna.

When will the festival take place?

The Festival will take place from 9-13 March 2022. As the online programs will be screening for 48h after the program start, the programs on Sunday will be available until Tuesday, 15th of March.

How can I participate?

On our Festival Platform you can get information about our → program.
If you want to watch a program online you need to create a free account 
→ first.

Where do I find infos and news regarding the festival?

Besides on our Festival Platform, you can stay tuned by following us on → Facebook, → Instagram or → Twitter for the most recent updates or possible changes.


Here you will find all the information you need for a safe and relaxed visit to the cinema - according to the current rules as of 5 March 2022:
Read in detail in English → HERE and in German → HERE


A certificate of vaccination, recovery or a negative test ("3G rule") is no longer required

Contact Tracing: It is no longer required to register for the purpose of contact tracing (in order to contact you in the event of a case).

FFP2 mask regulation
In the entire cinema area - when entering, at the seat and leaving our cinema hall including the foyer area, wearing a FFP2 mask is mandatory.


2G rule applies (= "recovered or fully vaccinated") 
To consume something in the buffet/bar area is only possible with a valid certificate of a full vaccination or recovery!
The staff is obliged to check this. We ask for your understanding!


When are the programs available?

All online film programs are available for 48 hours after program start.
That means for example COMPETITION 1 starts at Wednesday, 9 March at 19:00 and will be online until Friday, 11 March at 19:00.
Check out our schedule for the screening times of the programs.

In what language are the films available?

All online films are automatically available with English subtitles, if not in spoken English already.

How many times can I watch the programs?

After pressing play for the first time you have till the end of the availability of the program to watch it, so you can start and stop when you please.

Can I watch films in all countries around the world?

Yes, you can, with some exceptions:

"ANXIOUS BODY" is not available in DE.
"STEAKHOUSE" is not available in DE.
"THE AWAKENING OF THE INSECTS" is not available in FR and DE.
"THE EXPECTED" is not available in DE, FR, AT, BE, LI, LU and CH.
"LOVE, DAD" is not available in FR and DE.
"ON THE SURFACE" can only be watched in Austria.


You can find the entire festival program on our festival Plattform under “PROGRAM” in our menu bar.

Film programs highlighted in blue take place online and can be watched with your online accreditation as soon as they are available.

The film programs will be online 48 hours after the program starts.

The individual programs you’ll find via “Program” > “Whole Festival Program” in the menu ba

As soon as the programs are online, you can access the program by clicking on the "Watch" button.


To watch the program, click on "spend 1 credit to rent this presentation"

Now you can watch the program for 48h, after the start time of the program (see timeline) !
There you can watch the curated film program in one go as a playlist OR as separate films on the site further down below.



Help, I can't find the infos/ login/ films/ tickets/ info or the platform/ login/ payment etc. isn't working.

If any other issues occur, please don't hesitate to contact us
via mail:
or phone:
+43 1 990 46 63